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Determining your Wi-Fi signal strength (RSSI)

Windows WifiInfoView is a free application for Windows which can, among other measurements, display the RSSI of all networks detected by your computer. Installation and Use of WifiInfoView

Movie subtitling software eliminates letters with diacritical markings

In a multicultural educational environment, especially film-related courses where English-speaking students are expected to identify characters by name, participate in discussion and write essays on ... generally do not "translate". For example: Šaran becomes aran,  Šimáček becomes imaek and Čížek becomes iek. In a multicultural educational environment, especially film-related courses where English-speaking

Introduction to Block M (HelpRequester) on a Mac

Summary This guide will outline all the functions available on the Block M menu, located in the menu bar on all LSA-managed macOS computers running Izzy. Environment macOS Directions

Lecture Recording help article index

Requesting access & setup LSA-supported spaces with Lecture Recording Checklist for recording lectures effectively Requesting Lecture Recording for a class Requesting Lecture Recording for

Stata/SE Access for Econ PhD Students

support if students run into an installation problem. ITAM Stata/SE licenses expire yearly on May 4th — not just Econ's licenses, but all of the licenses purchased through ITAM.  This KB only

Configuring the iSpy IP camera software for research labs

the following directory structure: NamedVideoFolder/video/cmr-mfarquha01/videoFile. For multi camera setup, all videos from one camera are saved under that camera's name within inside the video sub

Student requests for class Lecture Recording

decide if, how, and when their recordings are made available. Students are advised to get in touch with the instructor for their course to request access to any recordings that have been made, or to ask for lecture recording to occur. All content is created with the instructor's consent.

Preparing your computer for an upgrade

Summary This article will explain how to prepare your computer and data for an upgrade.  Environment All LSA provided computers Directions Cleaning Up Your Hard Drive Removing


Library. View our Equipment Catalog for more specific information on our inventory of items. All equipment is available for short-term loan (additional paperwork is required for any long-term loan

Connecting to a VPN (Mac)

 Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility client. Select UMVPN - All Traffic or UMVPN - Only U-M Traffic from the profile drop-down list. Click Connect. When prompted, authenticate using your uniqname and

Managing PI or Manager's approval limits in the Online Purchasing System

, select the Preferences item. In the box under Choose PI, type the uniqname and click on the name from the list that displays. In the Waive all orders below this order total box type the amount the

Making web sites accessible

Summary Accessibility is about ensuring all users, including those with disabilities, have equal access to the content of the website, regardless of how they access it. They may use: Screen

LSA standard computer recommendations

Summary Which computers does LSA Technology Services recommend? Directions Devices are recommended based upon several factors ranging from hardware reliability, performance, and cost. All

Physics COMSOL Licenses

Summary Overview of COMSOL licenses and installation Environment All machines that run COMSOL Directions Licensing Information LSA Physics has 1 COMSOL licenses with 2 available

Managing Research Storage allocations using the Resource Management Portal

Summary How to view and update Research Storage allocations using the Resource Management Portal (RMP) tool. Environment The RMP manages storage volumes on the following systems: Data