Managing Research Storage allocations using the Resource Management Portal


How to view and update Research Storage allocations using the Resource Management Portal (RMP) tool.


The RMP manages storage volumes on the following systems:

  • Data Den
  • Locker
  • Turbo


Accessing an existing Project

  1. Navigate to the Resource Management Portal (RMP) 
  2. Select the project from the list of project cards shown.  (You can toggle between card and list view using the icons immediately above and to the right of the project display.) Usually a project is named with the PI uniqname, but course and lab projects exist as well.
  3. On the project page that appears, the left pane shows all compute and storage resources allocated to the project.  Project Overview returns to the project page from any subordinate page.
  4. The right pane shows a card for each resource allocated to the project; for each storage resource, the total amount (and, for Turbo, the percentage) used and a list of volumes is shown.  The pane also shows a Project Admins and a Support Teams card listing all users and groups with administrative control over the volume, respectively; users may be added and removed from the former.  You'll need to send an email to to add and remove support teams.  Projects->All Projects at the top returns to the list of projects page.

Accessing and Modifying a Storage Volume

  1. Click the volume you'd like to access.
  2. For Turbo volumes, information shown includes
    • Turbo access group, protocols supported, and the sensitive data indicator
    • Percentage of data used, in snapshots, and available
    • Mount paths for Linux, Windows, and macOS
    • Cost breakdown by size and shortcode
    • Export list
    • Snapshots, with sizes and expiry dates.  Snapshots share space in the volume with active data and can be deleted before their expiry dates by sending an email to
    • Users with access to the volume, with controls to add and remove users from the list
  3. For Data Den volumes, information shown includes:
    • Data Den access group and sensitive data indicator
    • Total volume size
    • Link to a Globus endpoint for the volume
    • Cost breakdown by size and shortcode
    • Users with access to the volume, with controls to add and remove users from the list
    • Groups with access to the volume
      Note:  Data Den volumes may only be accessed via Globus or the research computing cluster transfer nodes
  4. Values such as export list entries can be changed in SRS.

Any modifications made in RMP will become visible in about an hour.

Note: when adding or removing users from storage access user lists through the RMP, this needs to be done on any PI workstation or lab servers as well.

External Resources

Using Globus


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