How to find LSA website (AEM) training and support materials?


The LSA Web and Application Development Services Team have developed a Canvas training site with directions and videos for Getting to know the AEM Authoring Environment and commonly asked questions. Access to these training materials is only granted to authorized editors and users who have completed the AEM training.


Websites using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) platform. Here is a list of the current sites using this platform. 


  1. Trained authors who would like to access the materials on Canvas may request to be added to the course by filling out this webform or sending an email to
  2. New authors who haven't completed the training should register for a training Q&A date on the calendar on the LSATS website:
  4. The AEM Training on Canvas can be found here:
  5. If you can not access the canvas site and are an authorized content editor, you can submit a ticket here. You can also sign up for one of our web editing training here.

Here are some other commonly asked questions found in these courses:

  • Creating a new page
  • Image Size Guide
  • How to Update the homepage slideshow
  • How to create an event
  • How to use the new Touch UI
  • Tagging people or news articles
  • Setting news to publish at a future date

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