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Benefits Enrollment
Change Employee Benefits

Background Checks
Employment Processing and Onboarding
eRecruit Support
New Employee Orientation (NEO)
Request Email Notification for Time Entry Approval
Request Reinstatement or Credit for Prior Years of Service
Verification of Employment (VOE)

This opt-in service provides you with support, coordination, and processing of front-end HR transactions.

If your unit is not currently enrolled in the HR Coordinator Service, but you could benefit from this support, contact Tenia Dewolf at or 734-763-6877.

Submitting requests to the HR Coordinator Service
You can use the SSC HR Coordinator Request eForm for ALL transaction requests including the additional services of Resume Screening, Interview Scheduling, Reference Checking, Student onboarding coordination, preparing HR PeoplePay Forms for processing and signature by requesting unit, Batch processing (DBE/Funding, Additional Pay, Supervisor ID), Merit Uploads, Effort Certification, and HR Data Reports.

Contact Us
For inquires or to submit a ticket by email please use:
734-615-2000, press 1, press 3, press 1
M-F, 8:00AM-5:00PM

LEO Lecturer
PAR Approver Changes
Personnel Action Request (PAR)
Personnel Folder Update

Maternity & Parental Leave
Sick Balance Issues
Vacation Balance Issues
Vacation Payout Guidelines

Address/Personal Data Changes, PAR (Personnel Action Request), Batch Processing

SSC HR Transaction Support

Verification of Employment, Company Information Request, Former Employees Data Request, Mortgage Institution Information Request

Request J-1 Visa - Amendment | Extension
Request J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program: New | Return | Transfer

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