SSC - Fin - Project Grant (Non-Sponsored) and Shortcode Request


New Requests: Complete all required fields and any other field that is applicable to the request.

Change Requests: Enter the Project/Grant ID or Shortcode to change. Then complete only the fields that you are requesting to have changed.

Inactivation Requests: Enter the effective date for the inactivation and the Project/Grant ID or Shortcode to inactivate.

Batch Request:  Please complete these steps to ensure the SSC has all the information to process your batch request:

Complete the appropriate form, seen below:

Multiple Project/Grant Request Form

Multiple Shortcode Request Form

Attach the completed Multiple Request Form template to the eForm using the paperclip icon in the upper right of the form. You may also attach additional supporting documentation, as needed.

Click the Submit button to send the request to SSC for processing. 

 Denotes required field.


If you have questions or need assistance completing this request, call the Shared Services Center at (734) 615-2000.

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