SSC - FIN - Request a Journal Entry

When you need to correct an error, but are not sure what needs to be done, contact your Statement of Activity coordinator before requesting a journal entry.

If your journal does not post properly, there could be an error on the journal lines or on the journal approvals.

Journal Entry Resources

Journals can have tricky rules and requirements. Refer to the following resources for more details on journal processing:

Designate an Alternate Approver

If you will be out of the office for a period of time, you can designate a temporary approver in your absence. This must be set up by the current approver in M-Pathways.

Designate an Alternate Approver Instructions

Available Journal Entry Training

The SSC offers a course called ABC’s of Accounting. This course reviews uses for journal entries and covers the rules and restrictions that apply to journal entries. Email us to find out when the next course is available.

Click here to request a Journal Entry


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