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Create and Publish IVQ (Interactive Video Quizzes) in Canvas and MiVideo Mediaspace

Environment Canvas MiVideo MediaSpace The Video Editor provides media trim, chop, splice, and copy capabilities within Canvas and MiVideo MediaSpace. In addition, Interactive Video Quizzes

Publish Media in Canvas

Environment Canvas  Issue Use Case Examples Share media with your entire course by publishing to the Media Gallery Embed media into an Assignment, Page, or other course content  Add

Kaltura MiVideo Express Capture Error in Safari

Environment Canvas MiVideo MediaSpace Safari 13 and Safari 14 Kaltura Express Capture provides webcam and audio recording directly from within a web browser without the installation of

Download MiVideo Video Captions and Use Them Outside of MiVideo

Environment Canvas MiVideo MediaSpace HandBrake ( Issue Download a MiVideo audio or video with captions, or just the captions file, for use outside of MiVideo (eg

Configuring MCommunity Groups to Work With MiVideo Mediaspace

Environment MiVideo Mediaspace (KMS) Issue How can Mediaspace KMS admins create and configure additional MCommunity groups as needed to make it easier to manage users? Resolution

Download Personal Media Uploaded to My Media (MiVideo)

Environment MiVideo MediaSpace Canvas My Media is the location for managing your video, audio, and image files in Canvas and MiVideo MediaSpace. See related My Media articles for more

My Course is not Listed in My Media Publish Settings

Environment Canvas Media Gallery is each Canvas course’s central library for video, audio, and images. Students, teachers, and other people in the course can search and view all the media within

Why Can't I Find Someone to Add as a Collaborator in My Media in Canvas?

Environment Canvas Issue When attempting to add someone as a collaborator to media in My Media in Canvas, I'm unable to find the person in the search box. Resolution To share My Media

Audio Descriptions for Media in Canvas or MiVideo MediaSpace

Environment Canvas MiVideo MediaSpace (Kaltura) Issue What is an audio description (AD) and how can it be added to videos in Canvas and MiVideo Mediaspace?  Media must be uploaded to

Order Language Translation Captions for Media in Canvas or MiVideo MediaSpace

Environment Canvas MiVideo MediaSpace Issue How to order professional human-generated or machine-generated language translation captions for media in Canvas and MiVideo MediaSpace

Order Captions for Media in Canvas or MiVideo MediaSpace

Environment Canvas MiVideo Mediaspace Issue How to order machine-generated or professional human-generated English captions for media in Canvas and MiVideo Mediaspace.  Media must be

Create a Developer Kaltura API Session Key

Environment Kaltura Management Console (KMC) Issue How a KMC admin can create a Kaltura Session Key to access a KMC API. Resolution Login to the KMC the key will be created for

Upload Student Video Assignments in Canvas

Environment Canvas Issue Upload MiVideo media to an assignment within Canvas.  Resolution There are two ways to attach MiVideo media depending on the assignment submission type; text

What Happens to Media in My Media When I Leave the University?

Environment Canvas MiVideo MediaSpace Issue I'm leaving the University, what happens to any media in My Media? Resolution Media in your My Media stays in your My Media unless you

Getting Started Guide to MiVideo in Canvas

Environment Canvas MiVideo (Kaltura) Issue This guide is for new instructors interested in utilizing the MiVideo media service in their Canvas course.  This article focuses on using the