KMC Admin: Copy MiVideo Media From One KMC Into Another KMC


Kaltura Management Console (KMC)


How a KMC admin can copy media from a source KMC into a destination KMC.

Note: Only KMC admins who are admins in both KMCs can perform this task. If you are not a KMC admin for both KMCs, the ITS MiVideo team can help, please contact the ITS Service Center.

Note: To duplicate a media item on the same KMC, launch the Video Editor and click Save a Copy. You will need to be a KMC admin, media owner, or co-editor of the media item.


1. Locate the Media ID (example: 1_abc123xy)

  • At the end of the URL on the Media page
  • By searching for the media in the source KMC entries list

2. Create a Kaltura session ID if you do not already have one or it has expired

3. Get the downloadUrl for the video

  1. Login to with your Kaltura session ID, leave the other fields blank.
  2. In the left Navigation box search for "media.get"
  3. Click the Try it out button
  4. Paste the media ID in the entry id box and click the Send Request button
  5. In the right navigation box you will see Success followed by several tags. Look for the downloadUrl tag and copy the entire URL path minus the quotation marks

4. Create a new video entry

  1. In a new tab, log into the destination KMC 
  2. Click the + Create button in the top navigation bar
  3. Select Upload from URL
  4. Paste the downloadUrl and click Upload
  5. It may look like nothing is happening, however wait a couple minutes then refresh the KMC entries list. The media item should show up with a generic numeric name. While the media is still uploading and converting, you can edit the entry name and other data as needed. Click Save when finished.

Resources and Questions

For additional questions, please contact the ITS Service Center

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