How Students Can Embed a MiVideo Video As A Discussion Reply in Canvas




Upload MiVideo media to a discussion reply within Canvas. 

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How to Embed Video as a Canvas Discussion Reply


Upload media to My Media (skip this section if your media has already been uploaded)

Add media to your My Media library by navigating to Account > My Media > Add New and selecting one of the following options:

  1. If you have a video ready to upload select Media Upload. Make sure you get the success message before leaving the page. If you edit the title or description click the Save button
  2. To use the Kaltura Webcam & Audio Recording select Kaltura Express Capture
    • Express Capture is a browser-based webcam and audio recorder that does not record the screen. Recommended only for short recordings.
    • After recording, select Use This to upload the recording to My Media.
    • See the Using Kaltura Express Capture article.
  3. To use the ‚ÄčKaltura Screen, Camera, and Audio Recording software application select Kaltura Capture
    • Kaltura Capture is a free software application for Mac and Windows. It will record your screen/Powerpoint presentation as well as webcam/audio. 
    • After recording, select the Save & Upload option to upload to My Media.
    • See the Using Kaltura Capture article. 

Tip: (optional) See the Video Editor article for more information on.editing your video (trim, chop, and splice) once it has been uploaded to My Media.

Submit Discussion Reply

MiVideo media can be embedded into the Rich Text Editor.

  1. Go to the discussion in Canvas and click the Reply button. In the Canvas text editor, you can add any text you want to, then embed your video.
  2. To embed media, select the MiVideo icon in the second row of toolbar buttons. If you do not see the MiVideo icon, click the triple dots icon.
  3. Make sure the My Media tab is selected.
  4. Click the Embed button next to the video you want to submit.

Tip: If your course is using Annoto, click the gear icon next to the video you want to submit and select to use the "Annoto Discussion No Transcript Widget" player. This player size allows for the Annoto widget to display next to the video without distorting the video.

Tip: You can submit a video that is still processing. Processing will run in the background.

  1. Click the Reply button to submit.

Additional Information

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