What Happens to MiVideo Media in My Media When I Leave the University?


MiVideo Mediaspace


I'm leaving the University, what happens to any media in My Media?


Media in your My Media stays in your My Media unless you delete or transfer ownership. See the Delete Media from My Media and Media Collaboration and Roles articles. ITS-MiVideo team does not currently delete media for users who have left the University.

You will be able to access both Canvas and MiVideo Mediaspace as long as you have an active uniqname and can login to weblogin. Alumni with active uniqnames will still be able to access their My Media after graduation as well as retirees with active uniqnames after retirement.

Media that you own or are a co-editor on can be downloaded to be used outside of MiVideo. See the How to Download Personal Media article.

Media owned by another person that you are collaborator on appears in your My Media for as long as you are a collaborator. If the owner removes you as a collaborator you will no longer find the media in your My Media.

Additional Information

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