Captions Display Issues With YouTube Videos in MiVideo (Kaltura)


MiVideo Media Player (Mediaspace sites, Canvas, direct MiVideo player embeds)


YouTube videos can be added to a user's My Media in Kaltura/MiVideo for use in Canvas or Mediaspace sites. If the YouTube video has captions, the captions display in a Kaltura player is controlled by the viewer's personal YouTube settings. This has the following results

  • YouTube captions may not display in the Kaltura/MiVideo Player 
  • If Kaltura captions were added to the YouTube entry in Kaltura/MiVideo, double or overlapping captions may display in the Kaltura player


To ensure captions are always available, the media owner or co-editor should request Kaltura captions from their My Media for the YouTube entry. 

If double captions are displaying, the viewer is advised to either disable the Kaltura captions using the CC button in the player, or disable the YouTube captions by going to YouTube and changing their captions display preference. 

Vendor's documentation: (see the heading near the end "A Note About YouTube Entries and Captions")

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