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Media Gallery is each Canvas course’s central library for video, audio, and images. Students, teachers, and other people in the course can search and view all the media within the Media Gallery. See related Media Gallery articles for more information about using this tool in Canvas.


Edit the details of your Media Gallery in Canvas (Teachers, TAs, and Instructional Designers only).


  1. Navigate to the course > Media Gallery > Channel ActionsEdit
  2. Modify the any of following information:
  • Details tab: edit the Description, add Tags, and select any desired Options. Click Save.
  • Moderate content (selected by default): A gallery manager or moderator will be prompted to approve added media by people who are not Teachers, TAs, or Designers.  
  • Enable comments in Media Gallery (selected by default): Enables the comments tab for all media in the Media Gallery. Comments can be blocked on a single media item in the Options tab on the Edit Media page. See the Media Options article.
  • Keep comments private to Media Gallery (optional): Keeps media comments, when enabled, private to the Media Gallery. This is useful when media is published in more than one Media Gallery and you do not want student’s comments to be viewed in other courses. 
  • Display embedded media in this Media Gallery (optional): Displays all media embedded in course content (Pages, Announcements, etc) in the Media Gallery along with all media published to the Media Gallery.
  • Theme tab: Change the first tab seen in the Media Gallery. Click Submit.
  • Playlist tab: Create and manage the Media Gallery playlists. See the Playlists articles for information about creating, adding media, and editing playlists.

Video Demo

 How to Edit a Course Media Gallery

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See related Media Gallery articles for more information about using this tool in Canvas.

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