Pricing, Storage, and Retention for MiVideo in Canvas (Media Gallery)




Pricing, storage, and retention information for MiVideo in Canvas


  • There is no charge to use the MiVideo service which includes automatic speech recognition (ASR) closed captions. Professional captioning, translations, and audio descriptions are premium fee-based services. See Captioning, Transcription & Audio Descriptions articles.
  • There is no storage limit for the Media Gallery or for your My Media library
    • It is highly recommended to upload and store course media in MiVideo to prevent maxing out the 12GB per Canvas course file storage restriction Canvas enforces
  • There is no file size limit
    • Consider making shorter recordings, this helps you keep your audience's attention and makes it easier on you for editing and recovering from errors (for example, not having the right mic selected)
  • See the MiVideo Sensitive Data Guide for what content is permitted on this platform
  • MiVideo does not have a retention policy. Media in MiVideo will not be automatically deleted after a certain period of time.

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