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Windows notification: "Work or School Account Problem"

up. Choose an authentication method. Your account is now fixed. You should receive a notification that says "All Accounts are working correctly."


Support of print services

Using the WHE admin page

programs, and just about anything else you need related to your account. Environment LSA cPanel environment Directions Access Your admin page is available at http://name-of-your-site:2083

Decommissioning AFS-based websites

Advantages and disadvantages Action Advantages Disadvantages Move the html directory aside. Trivial to do. Takes no time. Breaks all old search engine results

Decommissioning Webapps-based websites

. Breaks all old search engine results and users' bookmarks. Redirect the home page. Easy to do. Takes little time. Home page continues to work. Breaks all old search engine

Passwordstate getting started guide

store personal data in private password lists. Environment Passwordstate is currently available for use to all staff within LSA Technology Services and IT staff from other units. Our

How to purchase retired tech hardware from Property Dispo

email to create a ticket with LSA Facilities. Tech Services can only help with items that they would typically collect for disposal, all else should go to facilities

Google Thunderbird Export For Physics Student Services Office

shared inbox used for recruitment & communication with students. This email was over the 16GB limit imposed by the Google Storage Project. All email previous to 4/1/24 have been exported using Google

Building macOS machines in Izzy for HLT

Izzy Documentation on how to build a Mac, noting the preferred options for the Izzy configuration section below: Please note:  HLT submits all serial numbers for MDM assignment to the Izzy

Pavlovia: Department of Psychology site license

use of this site to be used credit free between now and October of 2025 for all members of the Department of Psychology. The department will review the need to renew the license at the end of the two

Managing participants in research studies with Ripple

participants in research studies.  It helps research teams create and manage their participant recruitment campaigns as well as all post-enrollment processes, such as tracking appointments and study

Requesting Lecture Recording for a class

Summary Instructions for requesting Lecture Recording.  Please note: Due to the growing demand for Lecture Recording and the increase in available options, all requests need to come through the

Managing finance approval limits in the Online Purchasing System

that displays. In the Waive all orders below the following dollar amount box type the amount to waive. Check the boxes that you also want to set 'Notify me even if approval has been waived' etc

Updating LSA-managed Windows devices

security responsibility that all faculty, researchers, staff, and students using U-M computers are responsible to comply with, per the U-M Information Security SPG 601.27 and Responsibilities

Using the Globus file transfer service

. Sharing Data with Globus ARC subscribes to Sharing or Guest collections, which allow users to create new Collections that are subsets of existing Collections and can be shared with other users