Print job is on hold for authentication

When printing for the first time to a departmental print queue from any given computer, regardless of whether it is a departmental or personal machine, you may find that your print jobs have been paused and are listed with a message that says something like “Hold for Authentication” or “On Hold (Authentication required).” This means that you need to provide credentials to the print server before your print jobs will be allowed to be submitted. Sometimes, the authentication window will pop up by itself, but often it won't.


A message pops up when you try to print: “Hold for Authentication” or “On Hold (Authentication required).”


Mac or Linux


The print server needs your password in order to authenticate you the first time you print, and was unable to retrieve it automatically from your computer.


  1. Open up the print queue on your computer.
  2. Select the print job that is on hold.
  3. Go to the Jobs menu, and choose Resume Job (on Macs) or Authenticate (on Linux).
  4. In the dialog box that pops up, enter your UMICH credentials (username in the form "UMROOT\uniqname").
  5. Enable the checkbox next to Remember this password in my keychain (on Macs) or Remember password (on Linux).

Additional notes

If you don’t click the checkbox, the next time you submit a print job to this queue it will also be put on hold again and you will have to repeat these steps. Note that you will need to perform these steps for each and every queue that you print to for the first time.

If at any time you change your UMROOT password, you will also need to repeat the steps shown above.


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