Re-Syncing Windows login with Kerberos password


How to re-sync kerberos password with Windows login after resetting kerberos password.This procedure is for users that changed their password while off-campus and their new password is not working for signing into a Windows machine but their old password lets them sign in.


Off-Campus, Windows


  1. Have user connect to University VPN (Can be either only U-M traffic or All Traffic)

  2. After connecting to VPN they may get a pop up notification saying their password needs to be synced

  3. Have user lock their screen using Ctrl+Alt+Del and click lock, or have them press the Windows key + L key at the same time to lock the screen

  4.  After they lock their screen have them sign back in with the new password

  5. New password should now be synced for the Windows login


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Fri 9/8/23 1:08 PM
Fri 10/27/23 2:47 PM

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