Programmatic access to MCommunity information

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This article describes how to access information found in MCommunity programmatically. This can be useful, for example, in automating administrative tasks that depend on a users's department or University affiliation.


  1. Create a TeamDynamix ticket to request a non-person ID for programmatic LDAP access to MCommunity:
    • In the request, include a list of fields for which access is required. Available LDAP fields can be found in the ITS documentation.
    • Also include the following:
      • Department name
      • Manager name
      • Primary and secondary person responsible for managing app id
      • Name of application(s) using app ID
      • Brief description of application(s) using app ID
    • By default, for users with the ferpa or umichPrivate field set to true, only the uniqname will be returned. To obtain additional information for these users as well, indicate in the request that an override of the ferpa and umichPrivate flags is required.
    • Include a valid business case for all fields requested.
  2. Configure directory access directions via ITS' documentation.


Additional information on LDAP access is in the ITS Knowledge Base.


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