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FERPA Training Completion report

Overview To aid departments with Faculty/Staff compliance of completing FERPA training, the FERPA Training Completion report provides a summary that shows the completion percentage for all Faculty

Mounting NTFS on Linux machines

connected, e.g., UUID="519CB82E5888AD0F"              /path/to/folder            ntfs-3g        defaults,nofail          0   0 Remount all file systems, including the new NTFS file system: sudo

Troubleshooting delayed text display in Psychtoolbox

quality text rendering on the Windows operating system. The first time that GStreamer is called to render text, it will build a cache of all the fonts that it finds on the system if the cache does not

CrashPlan first time setup on Linux

Code42 program, click the Manage Files button. You will see your home directory will be selected for backup by default. You may wish to change this to /home to back up all local user data (or other

Resolving the Microsoft Office EXC_BAD_ACCESS error on macOS

indicates a memory access violation, which means that the application is trying to access memory that it is not allowed to access or that it has already released. This can be due to a corrupted

Connecting to Wi-Fi using eduroam as a visitor at another university

if you have not used the MSetup tool beforehand. The remote campus' IT help desk may be able to help you connect. Many (but not all) resources which are normally open to MWireless locally are also

Configuring Secure PIN Hard Drives for Secure Data

\0A37427_en.pdf. If the Secure PIN Hard Drive was purchased individually or for a Lab, then it is ready to be delivered. All formatting changes should be done with the default password. Additionally

Learning the Linux command line interface

Summary This article provides information about learning the Linux command line interface Environment Any Linux distribution. Directions Check out any or all of the following resources

Editing lecture recordings

the Lecture Recording platform:  Slide Replacement allows you to remove content by inserting a black slide, or adding text explaining why images were removed. Cut allows you to cut out a

Using tmux

screen and continue running in the background, allowing the user to logout, then later reattach the screen when logging back in. It's an alternative to screen - in short, screen is more likely to be

Wireless presenter remotes

2023, Logitechs attained unexpected prominence as LSA Technology Services was forced to begin removing all Kensington brand presenter remotes from LSA-supported classrooms and auditoriums, after it was

Changing or resetting WHE passwords

cPanel account for shared administration, or if you have multiple cPanel sites you can link your U-M Google account to all of your sites so that you can login to any of them more easily, Changing your

Amazon Connect - Chat Feature for Unit Websites

Chat Agents. Chat Agents need to set themselves as Offline or log off on the Chat Window so that the “All Chat Agents are unavailable” message can display. Understanding Roles with Amazon Connect

Configuring macOS Terminal for both x86 and ARM on Apple Silicon Devices

Setting up macOS terminal to allow for x86 and ARM use on Apple Silicon Devices. ... (or modify the default) and name it ARM Add another profile and label it x86 In the "Window" tab, set the title to something like "x86 Terminal" and uncheck all boxes under the title section (if

Connecting to a VPN (Windows)

the U-M network. The VPN client essentially assigns your machine a network address as if it was located on­-campus. This allows many of the previously mentioned shortcuts and applications to function