Editing lecture recordings


Editing tips for lecture recordings. Basic editing can be done within the Lecture Recording system, such as trimming the start and end times, renaming the recordings, removing slides, and more.


Editing content

  • Visit https://leccap.engin.umich.edu/leccap/manage/site, then select the Recordings option for any Lecture Recording page.
  • Find the lecture recording that you would like to make changes to from the list on the next page, then click the Edit option attached to it.
    • Select the Modify Recording tab at the top of the page. This will open a page displaying the camera image, presentation slides, an edit menu, and a waveform that represents the audio time line of the recorded lecture. Clicking anywhere within this audio time line will move to a specific point in the lecture.
    • To trim the start and/or end time, simply move the markers that say START and END to the desired places.
  • To make any other edits, look for the + in the Modify Recording module in the upper right. Click the + to select an edit type, then choose a start and end time for the region you would like to affect. There are three types of edits that can be done within the Lecture Recording platform: 
    • Slide Replacement allows you to remove content by inserting a black slide, or adding text explaining why images were removed.
    • Cut allows you to cut out a segment from the middle of the recording.
    • Audio Adjustment provides a very rudimentary ability to raise or lower the overall volume of the recording.
    • Once all desired changes have been made, click the Save button at the bottom of the page. The recording will reprocess to include any changes that were made, and should be available within about twenty minutes.

Changing the title

  • To change the title of any recording, look for the Recording Information module.
  • A new title can be entered in the Title field, along with a description if desired.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.




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