Learning the Linux command line interface

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Courses offered at the University

Tutorials at the University

  1. Basics I (Navigation): List Contents and Navigate Unix Directories
  2. Basics II (File Manipulation): Create, Copy, Rename, and Remove Unix Files and Directories
  3. Using the Unix Text Editor vi
  4. Frequently Used Unix Commands

More in-depth tutorials on Command-Line Usage

You can sign up using your U-M Google account. Just click the Sign Up button, then click the Google button at the bottom of the form.

Video Tutorials

You can start your journey into Linux tutorials with this Intro to the Linux Command Line video. There are many tutorials so find any series you like on YouTube and watch and learn.

Additionally, there are YouTube videos provided by the what is now ARC-TS here at the University of Michigan. They have a slant towards research computing (HPC clusters) but are still useful for the basics they go through to get you up to speed. Here are two tutorials they have:

Additional Information

What is Linux?


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