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This article explains the differences in file path and folder views when sharing a Team Folder or subfolder within the Team Folder with MCommunity groups. How you share it, MCommunity roles, and at what level affect what collaborators see.
This document will guide you through the steps to create and configure additional MCommunity groups as needed to make it easier to manage users in Mediaspace.
This article explains how MCommunity group sync works after a user's U-M Google account is deleted and recreated.
This article explains what may be happening when a user has shared a folder with an MCommunity group, and the group members cannot access the folder despite receiving an email invite.
How to configure a WordPress website to restrict access to the whole site or only certain parts based on OpenID Connect (OIDC) login and MCommunity group membership information.
This article provides instructions on adding members of an MCommunity group to a channel in U-M Slack.
This article explains what happens when you try to share a file/folder in U-M Dropbox with large MCommunity groups.