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  • How do I  add NameCoach Recording to my MCommunity profile?
  • Can I add my NameCoach Recording to my MCommunity Profile? 


Yes, NameCoach is integrated in MCommunity. 


It is now possible to include your NameBadge to your MCommunity Profile. NameBadge allows you to record your name and include the recording in your MCommunity profile to enable others to listen to, and learn to pronounce your name properly. Refer toNameCoach at U-M for more information. Once you click Manage NameCoach, the Namecoach page will open. If you have not already recorded your name using Namecoach, follow the instructions for recording your name. Once your name has been recorded, you can close the window and return to your MCommunity profile in UMICH Account Management. Select who can see your NameBadge from the Display to drop-down.

After you've recorded your name in NameCoach, you can add a NameBadge link to your MCommunity profile.

NOTE: By default your signature should appear in NameCoach if you have already created an email signature there. In that case you can select the option to display using the pull-down options: (Display to U-M Only, Display to Anyone, Display to Me-Only)

Copy Your NameBadge Link

  1. On your NameCoach Dashboard page, below Your Recordings, scroll to Your NameBadge
  2. Click the Add NameBadge to your Email Signature tab
  3. Click the last option: Click here to copy your NameBadge link
    1. This will copy the code you need to add to the clipboard

Add Your NameBadge Link to MCommunity Profile

  1. Edit my info on profile in MCommunity
  2. Go to Edit Your Information Section on the page
  3. Go to pronunciation section 
  4. Note: if you see your recording appear in Maize & Blue speaker icon, you can update the selection with right choice in the Display pull-down option (Display to Anyone, Display to U-M only or Display to Me Only)
  5. If you don’t see the name recorded, click on the Manage NameCoach button
    1. After you've recorded your name in NameCoach, you can add a NameBadge link to your MCommunity profile by following steps 1-4
  6. Click the Save Changes button

Additional Information

NOTE: For creating an email signature, U-M users cannot go directly to the NameCoach site and use their  UMICH login credentials. To ensure that U-M users are in the U-M domain, use the SSO Email Signature link to create an email signature.  

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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This service is a web-based tool that allows users to record, listen to, and learn names. It enables units to promote organizational Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, foster employee retention, and forge better customer relationships. All U-M students, faculty, staff, and alumni on the Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint campuses, and at Michigan Medicine are eligible to use NameCoach. See more details on our NameCoach service page. For help with Namecoach, contact the ITS Service Center . Use this form to request a NameCoach Salutation, a "name page" that can be managed by your Department Admin/Event Host.  The name page provides the pronunciation of event invitees' names for any events where you want to build inclusion and a sense of belonging, such as commencement, admissions-related events, award ceremonies, outreach programs, and others To begin the creation of a name page and expedite the process, event hosts should use this form to provide preliminary information that is neede