Adding a NameCoach Audio Email Signature


NameCoach, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook


How do I add a NameCoach name pronunciation email signature link to my email tools such as Gmail and Outlook? 


Recording Your Name in NameCoach

Follow the instructions in Creating/Updating Name Recording in NameCoach to create a name recording if you do not already have a recording.

Adding Your NameCoach Audio Email Signature

  1. Log in to U-M NameCoach.
  2. On your NameCoach Dashboard page, below Your Recordings, click on the Add NameBadge to your Email Signature tab.
  3. Click whichever button you want to add to your email signature. It will copy the code you need to your clipboard.
  4. Add the code to your preferred email.
    1. See Adding NameCoach Email Signature in Gmail
    2. See Adding NameCoach Email Signature in Outlook

Screen with Tab - Add NameBadge to your Email SignatureThree different buttons selection for copy of the link for Email signature settings

Additional Information

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