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While attempting to import media and playlists from one course Media Gallery into another, the course to import media from does not display in the list.

Note: If no courses are shown and only "Faculty Shared Repository" is displayed, see the Importing MiVideo Media Gallery In Canvas Does Not Display Any Courses Only Faculty Shared Repository article.


There is a known limitation with Kaltura (MiVideo vendor) if you are enrolled in more than 100 Canvas courses (enrolled with any role, not just the Teacher or TA role). Check if you are enrolled in more than 100 courses by navigating to Canvas > Courses > All Courses. If you are enrolled in more than 100 courses please place a ticket with the ITS Service Center stating which course to import the Media Gallery from and which course to import into. The ITS MiVideo team has a way to perform the import for you on the backend. If you experience this issue and are enrolled in fewer than 100 courses, please place a support ticket with the ITS Service Center so the ITS MiVideo team can investigate.

Kaltura is aware of this limitation which is on their roadmap to correct in a future release. Unfortunately the ITS MiVideo team does not have time frame when this will occur.

Additional Information

Technical Explanation

During a Media Gallery import, Kaltura places a call to the Canvas API for a list of courses you are enrolled in. When you are enrolled in more than 100 courses, the Canvas API returns exactly 100 enrollments (in no particular order). Kaltura then trims these results based on whether the course has a Media Gallery and your enrollment status of Teacher, TA, or Instructional Designer and displays the list of courses. Currently Kaltura is not checking for any more enrollments beyond the 100 enrollments the Canvas API initially provides.

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For additional questions, please contact the ITS Service Center

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