Where Is My Media Published?


MiVideo Mediaspace


Is there a way to determine where a specific media item I own or am a collaborator for is published?


  1. Navigate to My Media:
    • Canvas: Account > My Media
    • MiVideo Mediaspace: user drop-down menu > My Media
  2. Search and filter to locate the desired media item
  3. Click the Detailed view icon to view the results as a thumbnail display
  4. The publishing status appears next to the media item in a colored box. Click the green Published link. If the item is unpublished, a teal Private box appears. If the item is published as unlisted, a gray Unlisted box appears
  5. A popup window appears indicating what channel the item is published in 
    • Published in MiVideo indicates the item is published to channel(s) on https://www.mivideo.it.umich.edu
    • Published in Canvas Ann Arbor indicates the item is published to channel(s) in Canvas
      • If the channel is a specific course name, then the item is published to the Media Gallery of that course
      • If the channel begins with Embedded in Context followed by a course name, then the item is embedded into course content (ie. a Page or Module) in that course

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