Content or Ad Blockers Prevent MiVideo Quizzes or Other Media from Working Properly


MiVideo Mediaspace


  • When attempting to play a video the user receives a message to disable their ad or content blocking application
  • Video does not load
  • Interactive Video quizzes (IVQs) may not submit
  • Interactive Video quizzes (IVQs) configured as a Canvas assignment don't pass grades to the gradebook


Web browser ad and content-blockers may interfere with U-M applications and cause certain MiVideo content not to display or work properly. To resolve this issue, the media viewer should adjust their ad/content-blocker settings to allow Canvas and MiVideo content.

IMPORTANT: Disabling an ad blocker on a single Canvas page may not be sufficient to disable the blocker on embedded content such as MiVideo media. In this case, the entire ad blocking application must be turned off in the browser, or the following domain exceptions can added to the application.

Trust/allow third party cookies from the domains listed below in your ad blocking application settings:

  • * (U-M Ann Arbor hosted content)
  • * (Canvas content for all three campuses)
  • * (MiVideo content for all three campuses)
  • * (UM-Dearborn hosted content)
  • * (UM-Dearborn users only, course evaluations)
  • * (UM-Flint hosted content)

Third party cookies from the listed domains above should also be trusted/allowed in your web browser settings.  

Sometimes other third party tools can also block videos from loading, see the Your Browser is Blocking 3rd party Session Cookies Warning in Canvas article for more information about troubleshooting.

Popular Ad blocker documentation for adding exception filters:

Accessibility Tip for keyboard and screen reader users:

If you have ad blocker on and it is preventing a video from playing, a link for more information can be found after the video player controls.

Additional Information

For additional questions, please contact the ITS Service Center

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