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Playlists organize media into easy to browse collections so viewers don’t have to search to find related media. Multiple playlists can be created and the position media appear in the playlist can be ordered. See related Playlist articles for more information about these compilations.


How to share a channel or personal playlist in MiVideo Mediaspace (this feature is not available in Canvas) or create embed code to embed a playlist onto a website.


Navigate to the Share & Embed page:

  • Channel Playlist:
    • MiVideo Mediaspace: navigate to the Edit Channels page > Playlists tab
    • or click the embed icon next to the playlist
  • Personal Playlist:
    • MiVideo Mediaspace: user drop-down menu > My Playlists > click the share and embed icon under the playlist thumbnail
    • or from the Playlist Details page click Share & Embed
    • Note: The Watch Later playlist can be used to collect media to watch later. This playlist cannot be deleted or published.

Share the watch link for the Playlist Playback page in MiVideo Mediaspace:

  • Started Watching
    • Copy link to share the watch link
    • Email link to embed the watch link into an email using your system's email application

Copy the embed code to embed the video player onto a website. The following settings apply:

  • Embed settings
    • Choose Player: Select horizontal or vertical layout
    • Max Embed Size: Select the size of the video player
    • Embed Type: Select the embed type which determines how the embed code is generated
    • Auto Play: Select whether to begin playing the first media in the playlist once the page loads. When enabled this option will also automatically continuously play all media in the playlist
    • Copy Embed link: Copy code to be embedded onto a website

Related Articles

See related Playlist articles for more information about these compilations.

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