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How do I show my pronouns next to my name in Zoom meetings and webinars?


Adding Your Pronouns to Your Zoom Profile

  1. Navigate to and login with U-M Weblogin, if prompted
  2. Follow the directions from the Zoom Help Center article about Adding and sharing your pronouns: Adding pronouns to your profile section, starting at step #3.
    • When shown in a Zoom meeting or webinar, your pronouns will display within parentheses after your display name. For example, if your display name is Jane Doe and you enter your pronouns as they/them/theirs, you would show as Jane Doe (they/them/theirs)
Note about pronouns in U-M preferred names: If you had previously added your pronouns to the end of your U-M preferred name, and you now add pronouns in Zoom, your pronouns will show twice in Zoom: once as a part of your name, and once as part of the Zoom pronouns. If you now wish to remove your pronouns from your preferred name so that they do not show twice in Zoom, you may do so by following these instructions to update your name in Zoom. Note that changing your preferred name impacts your name in all university systems, including Zoom, Wolverine Access, Canvas, and more, whereas adding pronouns to your Zoom profile per the instructions in this article only impacts Zoom.

Showing and Hiding Your Pronouns in a Zoom Meeting or Webinar

Follow the directions in the Zoom Help Center article about Adding and sharing your pronouns: Sharing and unsharing your pronouns in a meeting or webinar section. If you aren't seeing the options described, or another participant isn't seeing your pronouns, refer to the Important Note at the top of this article, just below Resolution.

Additional Information

  • For more information about this feature, refer to the Zoom Help Center article about Adding and sharing your pronouns
    • References to "Zoom contacts" and "Zoom profile card" do not apply to U-M Zoom. These are features of Zoom Chat, which U-M does not have. Zoom Chat is different from in-meeting and in-webinar chat, which U-M does have
  • These instructions are for members of U-M Zoom
    • If you have a Zoom account with another institution, refer to that institution for instructions and whether or not this is an option for you
    • If you do not have a Zoom account, you set your name in every meeting and can enter your pronouns in your name when you join, or after you join by clicking Participants>hover over your name>click More>click Rename
      • If you do not see the option to rename yourself, the host of the meeting may have de-authorized it for this meeting

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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