TeamDynamix Upgrade 11.7 5/13/2023


TeamDynamix Production, Sandbox, Sandbox 2.  Impacts Project and Portfolio Management and all Ticketing and Asset Applications


TeamDynamix upgrade to version 11.7 will be released 5/13/2023. Information on impacts, new and changed features and issues are tracked here


Upgrade Outage and Impacts

4/26/23 -  Preview environment is available (copy of Prod with 11.7 upgrade applied)

5/12/23      Sandbox and Sandbox 2 upgraded to 11.7 (unavailable all day)

5/13/23       Production upgraded to 11.7 (unavailable during regular nightly maintenance window)



- Resolved 12:00 AM 5/20/23 Email notifications to Technicians are not using the correct template -Using Customer instead of Technician Template. First reported 5/16/23

- Resolved 12:00 AM 5/16/23  Graphs on Desktops are not clickable

- Resolved 11:00 AM 5/15/23: Web hooks running slowly. Impacting Hub transfers, Service Center Chat Integration

- Resolved 11:30 AM 5/15/23: iPaas flows are taking longer to complete than expected


  • Formatted Response Templates for Tickets: Ticket Response Templates can include the same formatting that is supported in the ticket update page. This means Response Templates can now include links, bulleted or numbered lists, images, formatted text, and more! Response templates are 'canned' responses used to update a ticket that can include variables such as the requestor's name.  For info on Response Templates, see: Creating Ticket Templates and requesting Task and Response Templates 
  • Automatic Desktop Refresh: Users can set a desktop to automatically refresh. When automatic refresh is enabled, the desktop will refresh every five minutes while it is displayed. To enable this, with your desktop visible, click Edit Desktop. Click Details. Click Enable Auto-Refresh, and Save. See


  • Ticket Workflow Notification Options:  New "Notify Requestor" and "Notify Reviewer" options have been added to ticket workflows that are configured to change the ticket's status when the workflow completes. These settings are enabled for existing workflows, which matches previous behavior.
  • Notification Recipients Template Tag: A new [NotificationRecipients] template tag has been added to all areas that use the notification templates system. This will be automatically added to all non-customized notification templates. The tag will give a comma-separated list of people and email addresses who were notified, with the same formatting as is used in a Feed entry. 
  • TDAdmin Accessibility: TDAdmin is now more accessible. Navigation within TDAdmin has been updated to meet the WCAG 2.1 AA standard. 


  • Asset Discovery Attribute Reporting:  Asset attributes found through TDX Asset Discovery are now available as columns and filters in asset reports


  • Project Update Templates: Administrators can now define Project Update templates. Similar to ticket response templates, project users can select a Project Update Template on the project update page, which will be automatically added to the update comments field. 
  • Workspace settings page has been updated to be easier to use:

    • Add Rules and Remove Rules are shown in two separate tables.
    • Workspace rules can now be deleted.
    • A table shows which ticket applications are represented within the workspace with a summary of the tickets, ticket tasks, and application members in the workspace. 

API Updates

API Changes

API Documentation Improvement

The following changes have been made to the API documentation to improve usability: 

  • A Back to Top button has been added to the bottom of the screen. 
  • The HTTP verb has been changed to an icon and the endpoint descriptions have been added to endpoint lists. 
  • A click-to-copy button has been added to each endpoint which copies the URL for that endpoint (excluding the HTTP verb).

API Support for Service Catalog

The API has been expanded to support viewing, creating and modifying items related to the Service Catalog. This includes Type Categories, Project Types, Ticket Types, Service Categories, Services, and Service Offerings. The following endpoints have been added or modified:

  • POST /api/typecategories
  • GET /api/typecategories/{id}
  • PUT /api/typecategories/{id}
  • GET /api/typecategories?isActive={isActive}
  • POST /api/projects/types
  • GET /api/projects/types/{id}
  • PUT /api/projects/types/{id}
  • GET /api/projects/types?isActive={isActive}
  • POST /api/{appId}/tickets/types
  • GET /api/{appId}/tickets/types/{id}
  • PUT /api/{appId}/tickets/types/{id}
  • Modified: GET /api/{appId}/tickets/types?isActive={isActive} - added an isActive filter, which defaults to true. 
  • POST /api/{appId}/services
  • DELETE /api/{appId}/services/{id}
  • PUT /api/{appId}/services/{id}
  • POST /api/{appId}/services/{id}/attachments
  • GET /api/{appId}/services/{id}/permissions
  • PUT /api/{appId}/services/{id}/permissions
  • GET /api/{appId}/services/{id}/relatedarticles
  • DELETE /api/{appId}/services/{id}/relatedarticles/{relatedArticleId}
  • POST /api/{appId}/services/{id}/relatedarticles/{relatedArticleId}
  • POST /api/{appId}/services/{serviceId}/offerings
  • DELETE /api/{appId}/services/{serviceId}/offerings/{id}
  • PUT /api/{appId}/services/{serviceId}/offerings/{id}
  • POST /api/{appId}/services/{serviceId}/offerings/{id}/attachments
  • GET /api/{appId}/services/{serviceId}/offerings/{id}/relatedarticles
  • DELETE /api/{appId}/services/{serviceId}/offerings/{id}/relatedarticles/{relatedArticleId}
  • POST /api/{appId}/services/{serviceId}/offerings/{id}/relatedarticles/{relatedArticleId}
  • POST /api/{appId}/services/categories
  • DELETE /api/{appId}/services/categories/{id}
  • GET /api/{appId}/services/categories/{id}
  • PUT /api/{appId}/services/categories/{id}
  • GET /api/{appId}/services/categories/{id}/permissions
  • PUT /api/{appId}/services/categories/{id}/permissions
  • GET /api/{appId}/services/categories?isActive={isActive}
  • GET /api/{appId}/services/icons
  • POST /api/{appId}/services/offerings/search
  • POST /api/{appId}/services/search

This change was released in a maintenance release of version 11.6. 

API Support for Contracts

The API has been expanded to support viewing, creating and modifying Contracts. This includes creating and modifying contracts and managing their association to specific assets. The following endpoints have been added:

  • GET /api/{appId}/assets/{id}/associatedcontracts
  • DELETE /api/{appId}/assets/{id}/associatedcontracts/{contractId}
  • POST /api/{appId}/assets/{id}/associatedcontracts/{contractId}
  • PUT /api/{appId}/assets/{id}/associatedcontracts/{contractId}
  • POST /api/{appId}/assets/contracts
  • GET /api/{appId}/assets/contracts/{id}
  • PUT /api/{appId}/assets/contracts/{id}
  • GET /api/{appId}/assets/contracts/{id}/associatedassets
  • DELETE /api/{appId}/assets/contracts/{id}/associatedassets/{assetId}
  • POST /api/{appId}/assets/contracts/{id}/associatedassets/{assetId}
  • PUT /api/{appId}/assets/contracts/{id}/associatedassets/{assetId}
  • POST /api/{appId}/assets/contracts/{id}/attachments
  • POST /api/{appId}/assets/contracts/search

Additional Information

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