How can I link an additional CAEN lecture recording site to my Canvas course site?

If your Canvas course site is linked to an existing CAEN Lecture Capture site, and you wish to link an additional lecture capture site, follow these steps:

  • Go to the CAEN Lecture Capture Management website.
  • Click Site Info on the additional site you would like to link to your Canvas course site.
  • In the Canvas Placements box, click the + Place recordings in a canvas course site button:

  • Choose the Canvas Site from the drop-down list:

    • If your site does not appear in the list, send email to caen@umich.eduand include the following:
      1. Name of your Canvas course site
      2. Direct link to the Canvas site
  • Enter a descriptive title in the Tab Name; this will appear in the left-hand navigation of your Canvas course site.
  • Click the Add Placement button.

The lecture capture site should now be linked in your Canvas course site. You can remove the site in Canvas by clicking the red X next to it.


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Tue 5/4/21 10:15 AM
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