Classroom and Instructional Technology

CAEN provides consistent and reliable technology in College of Engineering classrooms to enhance teaching and learning for instructors and students. This technology generally offers a self-service orientation, facilitated by easy-to-use, in-room control systems and pre-configured setups.

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The presentation control systems and A/V equipment in College of Engineering classrooms are designed by CAEN to provide self-service use for instructors, such as easy access to projecting from a laptop/tablet or streaming live to remote students.

CAEN’s Lecture Capture Service is the most automated and easy-to-use option for making recordings in a classroom. All College of Engineering centrally-scheduled classrooms have built-in cameras and microphones for recording the instructor, as well as systems to capture the image being shown on the projector.

Most College of Engineering classrooms offer the ability to stream live via Zoom on a computer located at the instructor lectern.

Canvas is the campus-wide learning management system (LMS) for publishing instructional information online at U-M, and offers instructors a central online resource to provide students with access to all of their course-related materials.

CAEN supports a number of popular hardware and software tools and services used by College of Engineering instructors in their teaching.

Kaltura Capture is a University-supported application recommended for College of Engineering faculty that provides webcam and/or screen recording capability for making videos.

All College of Engineering classrooms contain document cameras designed to show documents, transparencies, or physical objects to an audience via the display in the room.

iClicker is a flexible and user-friendly student response system available at U-M that allows an instructor to query students in a classroom and test comprehension of lecture concepts.