Where can I find the most current version of the VMware Horizon Client for my computer or device?

Note: Microsoft Windows users should make sure to install the version of the client available as described below, and not the version from the Microsoft Store. The client download available below is more stable and compatible with the Windows Remote Desktop Service.


In order to ensure you have the best version of the VMware Horizon Client, visit the caen.midesktop.it.umich.edu website. If you see the following options, click the Install VMware Horizon Client icon and choose your OS option to download the current version:

Install horizon client button


If you previously visited the caen.midesktop.it.umich.edu website and clicked the Check here to skip this screen... option, you will see a different screen than what is shown above, but you will still have the option to download the client. For example, on a Windows (x64) computer, click the associated Download the Horizon Client for link near the bottom of the page:

Download horizon client button


Once the VMware Horizon Client is installed, you are ready to connect to CAEN's Windows Remote Desktop Service. For instructions on using the client to connect, refer to our knowledge base article: How do I connect to a CAEN Windows computer remotely?

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