How do I launch a software application on a Windows CLSE computer?

The process for starting Windows software applications on the CAEN Lab Software Environment (and the Engineering Base Desktop) uses a software-on-demand service called AppsAnywhere. Most software applications are no longer installed locally on computers, or available in the Windows Start menu by default. Instead, each time you log into a CAEN Windows computer, you will be presented with the AppsAnywhere web store listing the available software titles:

Engineering desktop

By default, you may be presented with the applications in the List View, with each represented on a single row in the browser window. You can change the view to display more titles in a Grid View by clicking your name in the upper-right corner of the windows, and select Preference:

Layout preferences

Use the Search Apps box in the upper-right corner to locate the software application(s) you wish to run. You will then need to click or hover you mouse cursor over the application's tile/icon in order to see more options. Click the green Launch button for the software application you wish to use, for example:

MATLAB launch pop-up

After briefly displaying the AppsAnywhere splash screen, the Cloudpaging Player will start for on-demand delivery of the application to the computer:

Cloudpaging player

Once the delivery process is complete, the Windows Start menu will be populated with the associated shortcuts, and the software will be ready to go:

Windows home

Some other notes about using AppsAnywhere:

  • Applications that you select on one CAEN computer will not automatically be available when you log into a different computer; you will need to "Launch" the application each time you log in before it can run.
  • The Cloudpaging Player must remain open in order to continue running software that was launched using the on-demand service.
  • If the Cloudpaging Player is closed and you need to re-open it, you can select it from the Windows Start menu, or double-click the CAEN Software icon on the Desktop.
  • In order to run applications that interact with each other, you will be required to launch both applications from AppsAnywhere. For example, if you wish to run COMSOL and have it interact with MATLAB, both applications will first need to be launched.
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