CAEN supports a number of popular hardware and software tools and services used by Michigan Engineering instructors in their teaching.

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Canvas is the campus-wide learning management system (LMS) for publishing instructional information online at U-M, and offers instructors a central online resource to provide students with access to all of their course-related materials.

Digital Accessibility

Digital accessibility addresses the ability of people with visual, auditory, motor or cognitive disabilities to access electronic resources such as the Internet, software, mobile devices, e-readers, etc. It also includes people with changing abilities due to aging and temporary conditions due to accidents or illness.


Gradescope is a tool that supports the process of grading assignments and exams, whether paper-based, digital, or code. Instructors can see detailed assignment and question analytics in real-time, and students receive faster and more detailed feedback on their work. Gradescope also works with U-M Canvas, so instructors can grade and annotate student submissions online, and export scores for manual import to their Canvas gradebook.

iClicker Cloud

iClicker Cloud is a flexible and user-friendly student response system available at U-M that allows an instructor to query students in a classroom and test comprehension of lecture concepts. iClicker Cloud allows students to use their own devices for engaging with content.

Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Capture is a University-supported application recommended for Michigan Engineering faculty that provides webcam and/or screen recording capability for making videos.


MiQuizMaker creates a series of randomized quizzes in QTI .zip file format for upload to programs such as Canvas.


Piazza Q&A is the classroom discussion product that over 100,000 professors have chosen. Millions of students in thousands of universities in 90 countries are using Piazza. Piazza Q&A is governed by FERPA - neither student data nor their class content is shared with third parties, and this data is protected by FERPA.

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a live audience response system that allows you to ask a question that’s displayed on-screen, gather results live, and view them as they come in.

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