CAEN computer labs are collaborative areas in Michigan Engineering spaces where students conduct Engineering course-related, instructional work on desktop computers operated by CAEN.

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Using CAEN Computers

The computers located in CAEN labs comprise a highly integrated and specialized environment that utilizes hardware and network file services to take advantage of engineering software administered by CAEN.

Lab Policies

Several policies are in place to make the CAEN lab environment as comfortable and productive as possible for every Michigan Engineering student, while maintaining the high level of service that CAEN strives to provide.

Lab Reservations

Limited reservations by Michigan Engineering faculty are allowed in a subset of designated CAEN computer labs in order to accommodate course-related instructional use.

Reserving Collaborative Stations

Certain CAEN computer labs and the Duderstadt Center provide collaborative stations, offering a spacious workspace situated around a computer with a large LED display, and connections for personal devices.


The printers located in CAEN computer labs are managed centrally by Information and Technology Services (ITS), and can be accessed in the same way as printers in other locations around campus.

Digital Capture Whiteboards

SMART Whiteboards have been deployed in certain CAEN computer labs. These whiteboards allow a student to "digitally capture" anything they write as an image, and save it to their mobile device. Images can also be shared with others over the Internet.