Qualtrics Connector for Canvas: Creating a Canvas Assignment Using the Qualtrics Connector


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Information and support for the Qualtrics Connector for Canvas LTI.


Introducing the Qualtrics Connector for Canvas

The Qualtrics Connector for Canvas allows instructors to use Qualtrics surveys with Canvas assignments. With the Connector, instructors can create an assignment in Canvas using a Qualtrics survey, and when a student completes the survey, a score is automatically recorded in the Canvas gradebook. Instructors can create and manage surveys in Qualtrics, while also being able to track student responses in the Canvas gradebook. 


Using Qualtrics Connector in Canvas

  1. In Course Navigation, click the Assignments link
  2. Click the +Add Assignment button
  3. Enter the Assignment title in the Name field
  4. In the Submission Type, select External Tool
  5. Select Find from the Enter or find an External Tool URL section
  6. Scroll down to Qualtrics Connector for Canvas
    1. In the URL window, https://qualtrics-lti.tl.it.umich.edu/ltiL will appear
      1. Note: If you do not find the tool in the list, contact the ITS Service Center
    2. If the option Load This Tool In A New Tab is selected, you can deselect it
  7. Select Save
    1. After you have configured your assignment and saved it, you will see the Qualtrics Connector Configuration interface. Complete the setup in the Configuration interface following the instructions given.
    2. See Setting a Qualtrics Survey to be Used in Canvas (Participation Score) or Setting a Qualtrics Survey to be Used in Canvas (Calculate Score in Qualtrics) for configuring the Qualtrics Survey to be used with the Connector. 
    3. Note that under Options, you can select to send student data to your Qualtrics survey. The configuration defaults to not send that data, leaving surveys anonymous.  If you select to send student data, the survey responses will no longer be anonymous in Qualtrics.


  • Students can only make one attempt for a Connector assignment. Multiple attempts are not allowed regardless of the assignment settings in Canvas.  
  • Assignments configured using Canvas Connector cannot be duplicated; you will need to create a separate assignment and complete the Canvas Connector assignment setup steps. 

How Can I Get Help?

Please contact the ITS Service Center


Additional Information

For additional questions, please contact the ITS Service Center