Kaltura Capture Recordings Not Uploading to My Media


Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder

Kaltura Capture is a screen recording software application for Windows and MacOS that provides a variety of recording and annotation tools. See related Kaltura Capture articles for more information about using this software.


How to upload media recordings created in Kaltura Capture that initially failed to upload to your My Media library. Kaltura Capture stores all recordings locally on the computer's hard drive. The files will remain on your hard drive until you delete them.


Kaltura Capture version 4.2.78  and later presents a reupload button next to each video in your Kaltura Capture Library. When you reupload, the system creates a new version of your recording in your My Media library. 

  1. Open Kaltura Capture from your My Media: 
  • Canvas: Account > My Media > Add New > Kaltura Capture
  • MiVideo Mediaspace: user drop-down menu > My Media > Add New > Kaltura Capture
  1. Click the Manage link below the Kaltura logo. This loads your Kaltura Capture Library
  2. Click the reupload button next to the video


  • If you have a stuck upload, click the “x” next to it’s upload status bar to stop the upload, then try again
  • If you see the word “pending” but no status bar, restart your computer and relaunch Kaltura Capture
  • If the media still won't upload contact the ITS Service Center or manually upload the file (see below)

This is a screenshot of a Capture Library with the Re-Upload button.

Manually Upload a Single File

Only try this option if the above steps do not work

Important: If you made a two source recording (eg. screen and webcam), use the above steps if at all possible. You cannot upload two sources with this method. 

  1. Before you can recover your recording, you have to find it on your computer. See the Find Kaltura Capture Recordings on Your Local Computer article
  2. Copy the MP4 file from the Kaltura files location to a working location on your computer, such as your desktop
  3. Rename the working copy as desired. Don’t delete the .mp4 extension
  4. Follow the steps in the Upload Media article to upload the file into your My Media library

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See related Kaltura Capture articles for more information about using this software.

Additional Information

For additional questions, please contact the ITS Service Center

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