Remove Media from a Channel in MiVideo Mediaspace


MiVideo Mediaspace

Referred to as “mini-portals”, channels are personally managed, user generated media collections in MiVideo. They can be configured in a variety of ways from fully open collaborative collections to private collections locked down to specific groups. Viewers can subscribe to channels to be notified when new content is added. See related Channel articles for more information.


How to remove media from a channel in Mediaspace. 

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How to Add and Remove Media in a Channel


Media removed from the channel will remain in My Media. See the Delete Media article to permanently delete media from My Media. Only a channel Manager can remove media from a channel. 

  1. From the Channel page, select the Media tab
  2. Mouse over the media item thumbnail and click the triple dots 
  3. Click the Remove from channel "X" icon on the thumbnail
  4. Click Remove to confirm

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See related Channel articles for more information about configuring these collections.

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