Using CCM to Prepare Final Grades in Canvas for Upload to Faculty Business


M-Pathways Faculty Business
Canvas Course Manager (CCM)


How to format Canvas grades so that they may be uploaded (imported) to M-Pathways Faculty Business for official grading and inclusion in transcripts.

Note:  These steps describe the standard process used at UM. Your department or school may have a different grade policy.

Final grades can now be imported directly within Faculty Business without using CCM
Use this article instead:
Importing Final Grades from Canvas to Faculty Business

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Format Canvas Gradebook using Canvas Course Manager (CCM)


Canvas allows you to download a final grade CSV file that you can modify and upload to Faculty Business.

  1. Prepare your Gradebook for uploading final grades

  1. Login to M-Pathways Faculty Business via Wolverine Access

  1. Download the CSV grade file from Canvas

  1. Modify the CSV file for uploading

    1. Use the Canvas Course Manager tool within Canvas to format grades from the Gradebook for error-free uploading to Faculty Business

      1. Navigate to the course
      2. Click on the Canvas Course Manager tool in the left course navigation
      3. Click the Format Canvas Gradebook button on the Canvas Course Manager landing page
      4. See the Canvas Course Manager Docs for more details
    2. Manually modify the CSV file
      1. Open the file in Excel or another spreadsheet application
      2. Delete all columns except:
        • One of the following: "SIS User ID" (an 8-digit number) or "SIS Login ID" (uniqname)
        • "Final Grade" (the last column with entries)
      3. Delete the first several rows (the rows with header information)
      4. Save your spreadsheet
  1. Upload the CSV file to Faculty Business

Additional Information

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