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Are there any suggestions for captioning media in a MS PowerPoint PPTX presentation?


Powerpoint has some native captioning features, but they will not be 100% accurate unless you edit them and, if you have recorded audio only, it may not always work as hoped. Microsoft advises at the bottom of this page:

Beginning with version 2303, you can insert closed captions for audio in the same way as for video.

Tip: The closed captions will only be displayed on the slide that the audio file is inserted in even if the audio continues playing on other slides because the Play Across Slides setting is on. 

Furthermore, taking advantage of those PowerPoint features requires students have PowerPoint installed on a computer, which they may not be able to do.

For an accessible and equitably solution, you may consider creating an alternate MP4 video version of your slide deck from PowerPoint (instructions are here), uploading the video to MiVideo (see the Upload Media to My Media article), and then ordering captions (see the Order Captions for Media article). You can publish these alternate versions in your course Media Gallery or by directly embedding them on a Canvas course page or other content item (see the Publish MiVideo Media in Canvas article for more information). This way the entire class can benefit from either version as preferred. 

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