Introduction to Block M (WLMS Notify) on Windows

Introduce LSA users to the functionality of Block M (WLMS Notify) on Windows computers.


Outline all the functions available on Block M, located on all LSA-managed Windows computers.


Windows 7 and 10.


Block M is a collection of quick links, useful tools and IT information that can be found on all LSA Technology Services-managed Windows computers.


Function Description
Computer Name Displays your current computer name.
Windows Version Displays your current version of Windows.
Computer Make / Model Displays what company made your laptop and it's model.
Serial Number Displays the factory serial number for your device.
Network Information Displays your IP Address and MAC Address for your Ethernet Card, Wi-Fi Card and other network devices.
Stay Awake Temporarily disables your screensaver and prevents your computer from going to sleep.
Lock Screen Locks your computer. Must enter your log-in information to unlock it again.
Get Help... links
  • Phone — Displays the phone number for LSA TS Help Desk with useful information for the answering tech.
  • Email — Opens up GMail and creates a new email to create a ticket with LSA TS.
  • Submit Ticket — Request support for yourself or a coworker.
  • My Tickets — Check on your ticket status and create a new ticket.
  • Website — Link to the LSA Technology Services website
  • Knowledge Base — Find fixes to common problems and information about various IT issues.
IT Services Link to the IT Services Portal. Find services available to you by your role, affiliation, department, or category.
MPrint - Printer Install Install departmental printers through the MPrint website.
Bomgar Support Session Opens a web browser directly to

U-M Service Status

Notices of outages, service degradation, and current/upcoming maintenance events.
IT Security Alerts and Information
  • Report viruses, phishing attempts and other IT security issues.
  • Phishing Alerts
  • Security Alerts
  • IT Security Tips
  • IT Security News
Map Department Drive Map a Department Drive With WLMS Notify (Block M).
Map User Drive Map a Home Drive With WLMS Notify (Block M).
Software Center Install software without needing administrator credentials.

Common Issues

"The WLMS Notify application is missing one or more required registry keys"

Please contact the LSA TS IT Service Desk to repair the WLMS Notify installation.

The Block M icon is missing from the system tray

- In the search bar next to the Windows icon in the bottom left corner of your desktop, search for 'Software Center'.

- Open the Software Center application from the results.

- Within the Software Center application, there is a search bar on the top right underneath the blue banner. Search for WLMS Notify and after the search is completed a result named 'WLMS Notify - Install' should appear. Click on this result.

- Within the new page that appears should be a 'Reinstall' button. Please click this and wait for the installation to complete.

- After the installation is complete, restart your computer and check to see if the Block M has returned to the system tray.

If the Block M still does not appear, please contact the LSA TS IT Service Desk to repair the WLMS Notify installation.

Additional notes

Macs use a different version of Block M (HelpRequester). Please see our article Introduction to Block M (HelpRequester) on a Mac for more information.


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