Mapping a shared drive on Windows

Directions on how to map a shared drive (department drive) on a Department and/or Personal Windows 10 computer.


Mapping a shared drive on a Windows computer that's persistent across logins.


Windows 10


LSA Department Computer: Using Block M (WLMS Notify)

  1. Click the Arrow down on your Taskbar, next to the System Tray
  2. Click, "Block M (WLMS Notify)". It is the Michigan M for an icon.
  3. Click, "Map a department drive"
  4. A new window will pop up with a list of department drives you have the ability to map. If your department doesn't show up on this list, it means that you don't have access and need to check with LSA-IT concerning your permissions.
  5. Enter the NUMBER that corresponds with the department drive you want to map.
  6. Click, "OK"
  7. Enter the drive LETTER that you want to correspond with the department drive.
  8. Click, "OK"
  9. The drive will take a second to map and then File Explorer should open showing the newly mapped drive under, "This PC"
You can also map your personal Home Drive by selecting, "Map User Drive"

Instructional Video:


Manually Mapping on a Windows 10 Computer:

  1. Before beginning you need to know what your departmental abbreviation is (i.e Psychology is psyc, Judaic Studies is js, and so on).
  2. Open "File Explorer."
  3. Right-click "This PC."
  4. Select "Map network drive...."
  5. In the drive pathway, select any available drive letter 
  6. Enter the following folder path replacing "HERE" with the departmental abbreviation: \\\lsa-HERE\dept
  7. Make sure "Reconnect at sign-in" is selected.
  8. Check the box for "Connect using different credentials"
  9. Click "Finish."
  10. It will pop up with a log in window, for username: Type in "umroot\" and then your Uniqname. Example: umroot\uniqname
  11. For Password: Type in your Kerberos password (the same password that you use when logging into Umich email)
  12. The shared drive should appear under, "This PC."

Instructional Video<

Additional notes

If you are off-campus, you will need to connect to the U-M VPN before you are able to access your shared drives.

If the drive does not map or says "Access Denied", your account might not have permission to view that folder. Please contact LSA TS IT SERVICE Desk at 734.615.0100 or for further assistance.


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