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Announcements and updates to the U-M Zoom Rooms offerings and services. 


Please review the latest updates for U-M Zoom Rooms and share with the relevant people and groups in your area. 

Service Updates

Billing notices to be sent in February

  • We will be sending out notices to the billing contacts associated with each Zoom Room during the month of February regarding renewing Zoom Rooms licenses for the following 12 month period
  • Billing will be automatically processed during the month of March to the shortcode originally used
  • Please let us know via a service ticket if your shortcode should be changed

LED Lights on Studio x50 and x30 - Configuration Change

  • The global setting for LEDs on Studio x50 and Studio x30 has changed to turn off the LEDs
  • We have received feedback from many customers that the LEDs were distracting, especially in darker rooms
  • This change does not otherwise impact functionality of the Zoom Room

Known Issue

Poly E70 Camera - bug when installed inverted

  • In last month’s email we mentioned a known issue with the E70 camera when paired with a G7500 system and has a physically inverted configuration
  • Fix available - Version 3.9.1 was recently made available and fixes this issue
    • We will push out this change next month after proper vetting of the new version
  • If you have an immediate need for this version, please let us know via a service ticket

Notable Vendor Updates

No updates will be pushed out this month. The updates below will be pushed to your devices next month after further testing. Please help socialize this new interface with users prior to the update.

Poly Firmware

  • 3.9 - No noteworthy changes

Zoom Room Appliance Software

  • 5.9.0 - A variety of minor feature improvements
  • 5.9.3 - Resolves minor bug fixes, but also introduces a new user interface for the touch panel controller
    • This change only affects the main screen
    • The interface during a meeting is unchanged
    • The new interface merges several screens from the prior interface so that users have more direct access to the features they need

Additional Information

U-M Zoom Rooms Service Website

Get help with your Zoom Room by submitting a U-M Zoom Rooms request ticket.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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