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The Edit Media page is the location to edit the details about your media. See the Edit Media articles for information about the other editing tabs on this page.


How can I customize the Media page for a specific media item?


The Display tab on the Edit Media page allows you to show/hide page elements and change the background and style of the Media page. The Media page displays a single media item in the media player along with information about the media item.


  • To edit a media item you have to be the media owner or co-editor of the content. See the Media Collaboration and Roles article for information about ownership
  • The editing tabs may vary depending on your role
  • To edit the media file (trim, chop, splice, copy, and add hotspots and Interactive Video Quizzes) see the Video Editor articles
  1. Navigate to the Edit Media page:
    • MiVideo Mediaspace: user drop-down menu > My Media > pencil icon next to the media item
      • or from the Media page, click Actions > Edit
  2. Select the Display tab


  • Customizations only apply to the Media page, not any other views of the media item such as from a playlist or channel
  • Customizations are not applied to the Media page while viewing the media item in Canvas if the item is published in a course

There are several customization options, some of which may not be available based on the Mediaspace configuration:

  • Entry player (if configured for Mediaspace): Select a media player from the list
  • Show elements:  Unchecking an element hides the element on the page. Some page elements or content may not be configured for the Mediaspace
    • Sidebar: Displayed to the right of the media player showing related media and an admin selected playlist
    • Entry properties: Displayed directly under the media player, entry properties include the media name, owner, creation date, and icons for views, comments and likes
    • Entry tabs: Displayed below the entry properties, entry tabs include Details, Share, Attachments, and the Actions drop down menu
    • Comments: Displayed below the entry tabs showing comments and the ability to add a new comment
    • Header: Displayed at the top of the page, the header includes the menu bar, search box, and other navigational elements
    • Header logo: Displayed at the top left of the page
    • Footer (if configured for Mediaspace): Displayed at the bottom of the page
  • Background color: Select a background color for the page
  • CSS:
    • Upload a CSS file to customize the page.
    • After selecting the file, click the Upload CSS button
  • Different logo (if configured for Mediaspace): 
    • Upload a logo that replaces the header logo for the page 
    • After selecting the file, click the Upload logo button

​​3. Click the Save entry theme button

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See the Edit Media articles for information about the other editing tabs on this page.

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