Merge Multiple Sections Into One Canvas Site


Canvas, Instructors with role of Teacher


How an instructor with the role of a Teacher in their Canvas Sites can merge those different sites into one Canvas site.


Adding sections to your Canvas course

To add a section to a Canvas course, you must be listed as the official instructor (primary, secondary, grad student instructor, or faculty grader) in MPathways.

  1. Go to the primary Canvas Site (the one you want to add sections into) 
  2. Click on the U-M Course Manager tool (this may have to be added if it is not in the list of tools)
  3. Click Add Sections
  4. In "Your Other Courses," click Choose Sections to Add to the right of a course
  5. Click Add to Course to add a section
  6. Before saving an added section, you have the option to return it to the original course. Once saved, it's still possible to move it back to the original course (or to another course) by using the Course Management tool while you are in the other course.

    Note that you cannot use the Course Management tool to completely remove a section from all of your courses. To do that, you will need to contact the ITS Service Center.

  7. When finished, click Save Sections and then Done

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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