Merge Multiple Sections Into One Canvas Course


Canvas Course Manager (CCM)


How an instructor with the role of a Teacher in multiple Canvas courses can merge (crosslist) those different sections into one Canvas course.

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Merging Sections using Canvas Course Manager (CCM)


1 Section = 1 Canvas Course

Canvas courses are automatically created as 1 section = 1 Canvas course, with the exceptions of already-crosslisted courses, meet-togethers, and graduate/undergrad courses.  In these cases, sections will be automatically combined into a single Canvas course. If you think there may be an error in the number of sections, please contact the ITS Service Center.

Before Beginning

If the semester is already underway or about to start, verify that the section(s) you're moving are not in courses with content. If course content exists, please be aware that content, including any grades, will not move when a section is crosslisted. If content exists and you want to preserve it, please contact the ITS Service Center.

Merge Sections using the Canvas Course Manager

To merge a section into a Canvas course, you must be listed as the official instructor (primary, secondary, grad student instructor, or faculty grader) in MPathways.

  1. Go to the primary Canvas course (the one you want to add sections into) 
  2. Click on the Canvas Course Manager tool in the left course navigation
    1. If the tool is not available, see the Enable External Tool (LTIs) in Canvas article
  3. Click the Merge Sections button on the Canvas Course Manager landing page

See the Canvas Course Manager Docs for more details.

Unmerge Sections

Instructors are unable to unmerge sections from their course. Please contact the ITS Service Center.

Additional Information

For additional questions, please contact the ITS Service Center

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