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How can I embed a video from Google Drive into a Canvas content item?


This method works for both teachers and students who are submitting a video in response to an assignment or discussion post. The video can be embedded into any tool that utilizes the Rich Content Editor:

  1. In Google Drive, find the video you want to embed in Canvas and click to open it. It should open in preview player
  2. In the top right corner of the player, click the three dots and choose Open in a New Window
  3. In the new tab, click the 3 dots in upper right corner and choose Embed item
    1. Take note of the permissions on the file
      1. You may need to change them in the file's Share settings
      2. For example, external users in a Canvas course cannot view files limited to "Users at the University of Michigan"
      3. You may need change the permissions to "anyone with the link"
    2. Copy the HTML code displayed (highlight and right-click to copy, or CTRL or CMD C to copy)
  4. In Canvas, where the text editor is available, place your cursor where you want to embed the video (e.g. online assignment submission, page, discussion post, etc.),
  5. Click the Embed icon (it looks like a cloud)
  6. Paste the HTML you copied from Google Drive in the Embed Code box and click Submit
  7. Finish editing the page or submission, then Save or Submit

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