Troubleshoot Problems Accessing University Business Tasks in Wolverine Access


Wolverine Access


I'm having problems accessing tasks in Wolverine Access, what should I do?


Accessing university business tasks from Wolverine Access requires a login. If you have the necessary login/password and get an error when trying to access one of the university business tasks (e.g., reporting time, travel expense reporting, grades, financial aid), consider the following:

  • Many administrative services (e.g., most under University Business) require use of two-factor authentication
  • The system may be down for maintenance. See the hours of operation
  • Parents/family must be authorized by their student before getting access to billing, account information, and/or financial aid information in the My Student’s Information system
  • Many administrative systems (e.g., most under University Business) require that you submit a request for system access and complete training before being granted access.
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  • Test your uniqname and UMICH password pair by clicking Sign In on the main Wolverine Access page:
    • When your name shows on the page that indicates a successful login
    • NOTE that a successful signin does not guarantee access to services on that page

If none of the above seems to apply, contact the ITS Service Center for assistance.

** If you are a student on the Flint or Dearborn campus, please contact those IT help desks for assistance.

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Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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