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There are a number of external tools (also called LTIs or apps) available that extend the functionality of Canvas. Below is a list of tools that have been installed and are available to all course sites. For tools that appear on the course navigation, you will need to enable the tool following the guide for Enabling External Apps. Additional tools may be available to course sites associated with specific units; please see your unit instructional technology support for guidance.

Please note that some of these tools may require licenses and/or have an associated fee; please contact the tool provider for additional details. Support requests for tools provided by third-parties are best directed to the tool provider's support resources; please see the Support Resources link for each tool. Note: All tools on this list are either covered under the university’s data privacy agreement, unless otherwise stated.

To request a tool that is not currently installed in Canvas, please see the Requesting External Tools guide for more information or submit this request form.

Check out the new Canvas External Tools Site for on-demand training!


U-M Tools

Tool Description Placements in Canvas
U-M Library Tools Provides a platform for instructors to assemble a customized one-stop destination for students to access a variety of library resources and services, including subject specialist contact information, relevant Research Guides, UM-licensed discipline and topic specific databases, course reserves, recommended videos, live Ask A Librarian chat service, and more. Course Navigation, External Tool for assignments, modules, etc.
Teaching Evaluations Provides a link the Teaching Evaluations system. Support Resources: U-M Office of the Registrar Teaching Evaluations Guide Course Navigation
User Navigation
Media Gallery Media Gallery is the place, within a course, where you can choose and post videos from your My Media collection for your students to view, in the context of the course. Media Gallery is a part of MiVideo. Support Resources: ITS MiVideo Guide Course Navigation
MiVideo In-Video Quizzing MiVideo is the U-M branded version of Kaltura. Provides video storage and playback options in Canvas. The "Course Media Gallery" and "My Video" course menu items are part of MiVideo. Support Resources: ITS Interactive Video Quizzes Video Tutorials Assignment Selection
My Media My Media is a collection of all the videos you've recorded or uploaded with the Kaltura tools. This is your complete library of videos. It's associated with your Canvas account, but not with any particular course. Your students in a given course cannot see what's in your My Media collection. Support Resources: ITS MiVideo Guide Course Navigation
User Navigation
U-M Course Manager Allow instructors to combine sections and add guest accounts to courses. Support Resources: ITS Canvas Course Manager Course Navigation
U-M Sweetland Writing Support Provides a link to U-M Sweetland Writing Center resources and services. Support Resources: Sweetland Writing Center Course Navigation

External Tools

Tool Description Placements in Canvas
Active Learning Platform (Echo360) Echo360 helps instructors capture and extend the classroom experience to improve student engagement before, during and after class. Through our technology platform, students have 24/7 access to classroom discussion, presentation materials, and the lecture itself. Support Resources: Echo360 Guides Course Navigation
Homework Submission
Adobe Creative Cloud Students and instructors can access their Creative Cloud Express projects and Creative Cloud apps within Canvas and use them to create and complete their assignments. Support Resources: Adobe Creative Cloud Support External Tools
Alexander Street Search and embed Alexander Street videos, music, and text into your courses and modules. Support Resources: Alexander Street Support Assignment Selection
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Link Selection
Cengage Learning MindLinks Your link to a simpler and more engaging experience. Enjoy the best of both worlds by providing students with seamless access to Cengage Learning’s premier learning solutions (including MindTap, Aplia, SAM, CengageNOW, OWLv2, 4LTR Press Online and National Geographic Learning) from your LMS. Support Resources: Cengage Support Services Course Navigation
Gala Open access learning tool for sustainability science. Find cases about contemporary sustainability issues, join conversations about sustainability issues, and communicate complex topics through case studies. Support Resources: Gala Guides Assignment Selection
Gamut Gallery Gallery is a digital space for students to share their work and provide feedback to each other. Support Resources: Gamut Gallery Guide External Tools
Gamut Workbook The Workbook Tool provides learners with a digital space to complete optional exercises related to what they’re learning in an online course. Support Resources: Gamut Workbook Guide External Tools
Google Drive The Google App integration, created by Instructure, offer the following features to promote teaching and learning:
  • Google Drive embedding and linking: easily embed documents from your Google Drive anywhere you use the Rich Content Editor.
  • Google Docs as Assignments: Students can submit Google Docs as Assignments, Teachers can use a Google Doc to give an Assignment, and send a copy of that document to each assigned student, Teachers can grade submitted student assignments in Speedgrader by editing or annotating the Google Doc.
  • Google Drive Collaborations: students can use Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides for a Canvas Collaboration.
  • Modules: Teachers can link to a live Google Files in their Canvas Modules.

Support Resources:

Assignment Selection
Course Navigation
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Homework Submission
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Provides access to the GradeCraft gameful learning platform, developed by the University of Michigan's Center for Academic Innovation. 

Support Resources: GradeCraft Getting Started Guide

Course Navigation
Gradescope Online grading platform used to grade paper-based, digital, and code assignments. Support Resources: Gradescope Get Started Guide Course Navigation The Hypothesis LMS app brings discussion directly to course content by enabling students and teachers to add comments and start conversations in the margins of texts. Collaborative annotation engages students more deeply in course readings and gives teachers a view into how students are reading. Support Resources: Resource Guide Assignment Selection
Link Selection
i>clicker Registration Provides a link for students to register their iClicker remote. Support Resources: Getting Started with iClicker Classic Course Navigation
iClicker Sync This app supports enhanced grade sync with iClicker Cloud. Support Resources: Enhanced Grade Sync Integration with Canvas Course Navigation
LabArchives Classroom Online tools that support reproducibility and collaboration in the lab and beyond. Support Resources: LabArchives Support Assignment Selection
Link Selection
Lecture Recordings The CAEN Lecture Capture Service is an automated, easy-to-use option for recording lectures and other events. Support Resources: CAEN Lecture Capture Getting Started Guide Course Navigation
Linkedin Learning Provides access to courses or content items from LinkedIn Learning. Support Resources: ITS Guide to LinkedIn Learning External Tools
Macmillan Learning Macmillan Learning offers deep content integration between its LaunchPad products and Canvas. This robust integration creates direct links from a Canvas course into the Macmillan LaunchPad environment. Support Resources: Macmillan Support Assignment Selection
Course Navigation
Link Selection
MATLAB Grader MATLAB Grader is an application that offers Browser-based authoring environment Creation and sharing of MATLAB-based assignments Autograded student solutions with custom scoring rubrics Rich text, images, hyperlinks and LaTeX equations in problem descriptions Responsive layout for use beyond desktops for all users Library of re-usable example problems Optional LMS integration to bring autograding into any learning environment. Support Resources: MATLAB Grader Help Center External Tools
McGraw-Hill Connect Provides access to McGraw Hill’s interactive resources tied to course content and textbooks. This app auto-logs users into MH-Campus from within course material. Support Resources: McGraw-Hill Connect Support Course Navigation
My Learning Analytics My Learning Analytics (MyLA) is a dashboard that provides students with information about their engagement with course materials and resources, assignments, and grades in a Canvas course. Support Resources: ITS My Learning Analytics Guide Course Navigation

NameCoach is a web-based tool that allows users to record, listen to, and learn names. It promotes the university’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiative, and fosters a more inclusive learning environment. NameCoach tool has two parts in Canvas:

  • NameCoach Recorder: Allows users to record their own name
  • NameCoach Roster: Allows students and instructors to listen to and learn the names of others in a Canvas course.

Email Signature: (Upcoming feature) This allows you to create/copy links for your email signature.

API Directory: (Upcoming feature) NameCoach integration is available via APIs with other applications (i.e. Salesforce, MCommunity, etc.) using API Directory.

Commencement: (Upcoming feature) Student audio name recordings collected on the web and delivered to your fingertips for easy learning and flawless ceremonies.

Support Resources: NameCoach Service

Course Navigation
Pearson Enhance student engagement and learning opportunities by providing easy access for you and your students to Pearson content from a Canvas course. Support Resources: Pearson Support Course Navigation
Pearson MyLab Provides access to MyLab and Mastering collections of online homework, tutorial, and assessment products. Developed by Pearson. Support Resources: Pearson Support Course Navigation
Perusall Provides access to the Perusall social annotation tool. Support Resources: Perusall Support Course Navigation
Piazza Piazza is a new style of discussion/Q&A site with a focus on educational institutions. This integration adds a link to the course navigation for Piazza discussions, and auto-logs the user into the course discussions area. Support Resources: Piazza Support Course Navigation
Roll Call Attendance The Attendance (Roll Call) tool allows instructors to record their students' attendance and automatically adds a "Roll Call Attendance" column to the Gradebook. The Attendance (Roll Call) tool is hidden by default. Support Resources: Roll Call Attendance Tool Guide Account Navigation
Course Navigation
SCORM Allows for the uploading of SCORM ZIP files as assignments and as pages in your course (per the applicable package content).  Support Resources: Canvas SCORM Guide Course Navigation
UDOIT - Accessibility Checker The Universal Design Online content Inspection Tool, or UDOIT (pronounced, “You Do It”) enables faculty to identify accessibility issues in their Canvas course content. It will scan a course, generate a report, and provide resources on how to address common accessibility issues. Support Resources: Canvas UDOIT User Guide Course Navigation
Unizin Engage Deliver digital course materials through one common, LMS-integrated platform, including publisher eTexts, courseware, open education resources (OER) and faculty generated course materials. Support Resources: Contact the ITS Service Center Course Navigation
W. W. Norton Provides access to W.W. Norton assignment resources. Support Resources: W.W. Norton Help External Tools
Zoom Provides access to the Zoom video conference platform. Support Resources: ITS Teaching with Zoom Guide
Course Navigation

Unapproved Tools

Tool Date Last Reviewed Reason
Discord Sept 2020 Vendor could not offer any documentation regarding how Discord interacts with FERPA requirements and would not consent to U-M FERPA agreement. 
Flipgrid April 2022 Vendor would not consent to U-M FERPA agreement.

Some tools are not available to faculty and staff. These are Denied tools or services that are not approved for installation in Canvas.

Additional Information

For additional questions, please contact the ITS Service Center

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