Unable to Login to MiVideo Mediaspace: sorry you are not an authorized user


MiVideo Mediaspace


When logging into a Mediaspace that you know you have access to, you see the message "Sorry, you are not an authorized user. Please contact your system administrator for further questions."


Completely log out of UMICH (Level-1) weblogin (or Level-2 for Michigan Medicine). Then log back into the Mediaspace. 

If this does not resolve the issue, contact the ITS Service Center.

Reasons this can occur

  • A change was made to the Mediaspace config.
  • The Mediaspace utilizes MCommunity/AD groups for frontend access and you were removed from a group.
  • You logged into another Mediaspace on the same KMC. Both Mediaspaces utilize MCommunity/AD groups for access. These groups map to Kaltura KMS groups on the backend. Logging into the second Mediaspace removed you from all KMS groups on the first Mediaspace including the group that granted access to that Mediaspace. This issue is typically resolved by logging out and logging back into the first Mediaspace. This prompts Kaltura to recheck group membership and add you back into your groups.

Additional Information

For additional questions, please contact the ITS Service Center

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