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Perusall has updated from LTI 1.1 to LTI 1.3.

NOTE: A Canvas Perusall LTI 1.1 course can not be upgraded to a LTI 1.3 Course, however, your LTI 1.1 Course Content (excluding all student data/work) can be copied to a 1.3 course.

What are the benefits for upgrading canvas  Perusall LTI 1.1 to Perusall LTI 1.3?

How to transfer (copy) Canvas course content with Perusall LTI 1.1 to Perusall LTI 1.3?

How do I get support?


Instructors who are using a Perusall course created before the upgrade will need to complete the following steps:  

The high-level steps outlined in the link above are summarized below:

  1. Add Perusall LTI 1.3 to your course.
  2. Copy content from the LTI 1.1 Perusall course into the LTI 1.3 Perusall course.
  3. Create new assignment links for each assignment.
  4. Remove any remaining 1.1 links from your course (if applicable).

Benefits of the upgrade

  • Perusall can now be accessed through a single menu item in Canvas. 
    • Creating individual assignment links in Canvas is no longer necessary to sync assignment scores from Perusall to Canvas. Individual Canvas assignments which link to specific Perusall assignments can still be made, and do not need to have matching titles.
  • Canvas course rosters automatically sync to Perusall; the full roster will be available in Perusall even before students access it. 
    • This allows groups to be set up in Perusall in advance of the start of the semester. 

Upgrade information for instructors

  • Instructors will need to take action to ensure Perusall will function in current and future courses after the upgrade is complete.  Perusall has a step-by-step transition guide to walk through the steps instructors will need to take for each Canvas course which utilizes Perusall.  Please note, student data/work inside of Perusall will not be able to be transitioned to the new integration.
  • Instructors who initially created their Perusall account through the existing/old Canvas integration will receive a one time confirmation email the first time they launch Perusall through the new integration.
  • Existing Perusall courses cannot be automatically upgraded.  Instead, a new Perusall course will need to be created.  The new Perusall course can copy content from the original, making the transition easier.
  • Previously created Perusall courses will not be deleted, though they will no longer be accessible through Canvas courses. Instructors will be able to access them from within their Perusall account.
  • Perusall has created a detailed Frequently Asked Questions page about the updated integration.

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